Experiment: Derma-rolling to Help Loose Skin, Stretch Marks and Cellulite

 If you post a before and after weight loss picture on the internet, you will undoubtedly get several congratulatory remarks and questions asking how you did it. These are almost expected as people are naturally curious, and they are typically people who have never been on a diet before. But there is another kind of question you will almost certainly get, but this time you can tell immediately it’s from a person in the middle of their weight loss journey. The question, you wonder? Do you have loose skin?There is a good chance that if you lose a significant amount of weight that you will have excess skin after its all said and done. For the most part I have accepted that I probably will have loose skin as I am about 20 lbs away from my goal weight. I do believe that some people are genetically predisposed to having more loose skin than others. Other factors like age and pregnancy will definitely impact the amount of loose skin you might have.I just think after the horrible way I’ve treated my body over the last 2 decades of eating like total crap, I will probably have some permanent reminders…like stretch marks and loose skin, and probably some cellulite too.     

Emily before derma roller

That all being said I came across some information on derm-arolling and how it can help with loose skin, scars and cellulite…and so I’m willing to give it a try in the name of science and Keto research.A derma-roller is a small tool comprised of many tiny needles which, when rolled against your skin, create micro-injuries. This, in turn, sends collagen and elastin production into overdrive to compensate as it heals—leaving your skin tighter and plumper than it was beforehand.

I will be using a derma-roller on my stomach and inner thighs and butt once a week for the next couple months to see if there is a difference.       Before starting I will disinfect my skin with rubbing alcohol, I will also disinfect the roller with rubbing alcohol too. You lightly roll your skin in every direction. The derma- roller is a 1.5 size which is pretty large. I will also be using hyaluronic acid that is included after I am done. Wish me luck!

Find this on amazon – https://amzn.to/2vPWIsE

Emily Warning: The science is not out about derma-rolling and the results, so please try derma-rolling at your own risk after doing research to see if its right for you.

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