Emily’s Nightmare Keto Rash Experience and How She Cured It in 3 Days

I never thought I would get the dreaded and elusive Keto Rash. One day I noticed a little redness on my neck. I thought it was heat rash because I was wearing an oversized sherpa lined sweatshirt around the house because since I lost weight I am constantly cold.


The redness went away after a day and I forgot about it until it appeared again a week later. It just so happened to appear after I ate peanut butter, so I thought I was developing a peanut allergy or something as an adult! 

When I woke up the next morning my neck had gotten out of control. The two small red lines on my neck that I thought was heat rash or possibly hives were now huge and inflamed and unbearably itchy. I was due over at my sister’s house to film for our Youtube channel and I almost didn’t keep it together, it was that bad. In the video you can see how uncomfortable I was.

I spent the next evening and night with an iced eye mask on my neck, it was the only thing that gave me slight relief. Even then, I still was not convinced that it was keto rash. I didn’t want to believe it…until I read a post on Reddit.

In the post the person mentioned how the beginning stages of keto rash its slightly raised, light pink, and symmetrical. The fact that I took two anti histamines and they didn’t work at all made me also realize it was Keto Rash. I immediately started ripping through my house for any carbs I could find. This was harder than one would expect considering I have been on the Keto diet for over a year. Carbs are hard to come by in my house! I found a bag of cinnamon sugar pita chips that I purchased for a party months before. They were expired. I didn’t care.

I needed to do something to kick me out of Ketosis as fast as possible. I ate almost the entire bag. The next day I woke up and it was slightly less itchy, but still pretty bad. I was relieved to see that the Keto Rash seemed contained as I was worried that at the rate it was spreading my face was bound to be next.

Luckily my husband agreed to go to Vitamin World and buy me some supplements that I researched might help.

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The first is called Black Seed Oil. Some people complain about the smell. You can drink it (just be sure to read the directions, and dont chug it like me…or you’ll be burping up the stuff all day/night.) You can also apply it topically with a cotton swab, which I did. I read somewhere that people applied it to the keto rash 3 times a day. 

The other supplement is called dandelion root. It comes in pill form and you take 3 at a time. It tastes exactly what you would think dandelion tastes like. There is also a tea that you can drink, but I wanted to take a lot of it. There were several people that said that the dandelion root is the only thing that helped their keto rash.

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I think the combination of the three things… carbs, black seed oil, and dandelion root all solved my keto rash problem. By day three my keto rash was not itchy anymore and I just dealt with some minor flaky skin. I’m lucky that I didn’t have to deal with discoloration or scarring for months like some of the other people I read about online did!

Here are some pictures of my keto rash and I’ll include some links to the dandelion root and black seed oil! 

Black Seed Oil
Dandelion Root

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  1. Nicky says:

    Thank you for this. I’m on a doctor ordered keto diet for my stomach. Gut bacteria and have been on a Keto diet for a year and a half. 1 year in and I still have this rash just like yours. It’s also around my eyes and knock. The doctors have no idea. Are sending me to an allergy specialist. I think I will eat carbs and see what happens. Only thing is what carbs should I eat – rice oR wheat? I suppose try rice first and then try wheat after if rice does not work. Has the rash come back after you went back on keto? Thanks so much. Nicky

    1. Hi Nicky, so sorry you are experiencing the rash. I would recommend upping your carbs for a while until it goes away. You can alway get back on. I actually did a 5 day egg recently and my rash did come back. (I just talked about this in our most recent YouTube video). I felt the rash coming back so I made the decision to break ketosis before it had time to spread. The next day the rash was significantly better and now it is gone. It seems like my rash comes when I am in deep ketosis so now I know to break ketosis if it happens again! I hope this helps. In regards to what you are carb you are going to eat I would say make it a treat, pick something you enjoy eating. -Emily

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